One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of Christian community. Being new to Baton Rouge, one of the things that drew me to Progression was how easy it was to get plugged in.
— Courtner C.
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I’ve been able to serve in ways I could’ve never imagined as a college student. The Lord has blessed me with this community of people who love me genuinely, hold me accountable, and lead me to Jesus. I have been given a family and a home, and I could not be more thankful.
— Lauren S.
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...God has grown my faith in so many ways since I joined Progression Church... I’m able to spend enough time with God and feel His closeness in my life.
— Samuel K.
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I love Progression and the welcome, love, and intentionality that is given by the staff and members. Through community groups and discipleship, I’m constantly encouraged and challenged as I seek to grow in my faith.
— Taylor F.
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Being at Progression Church has been a transforming experience because it’s where I came to know Jesus for the first time.
— Art C.
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I’ve been a part of great churches, but I’ve never had the true Biblical community like I do in my community group at Progression Church. It’s a really great place to be a part of.
— Karl W.

I didn’t realize how much God would use Progression to help me grow when I first started attending. In college, it can be easy to forget about church, but I’ve found a home here.
— Katie L.
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Spending time here and in God’s word has inspired my growth in Christ and my desire to follow His direction.
— Craig M.
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When I moved to Baton Rouge I didn’t know anyone. These people are dedicated to showing God’s love to others. It’s not just a church to worship God in; It’s a family to worship with!
— Simon N.
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I’m thankful God placed Progression in my path because it was the home and community that I needed!
— Kelly M.
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Jesus has given me healing and restoration in areas of my life I thought could never be made whole again. Now my identity rests solely in Him.
— James M.
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...a solid group of believers that push me into a deeper relationship with God. I’m encouraged to love Him and others through opportunities to serve each week.
— Joe F.
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