• At Progression Church, one of our core values is to "Pursue Excellence." That means we want to do everything with excellence for the glory of God, including setup team!
  • ***Setup team should arrive to the church by 9:30am to begin setting up.



  • Commons area should be de-cluttered.
  • Floors are clean (vacuum and sweep if necessary (vacuums in cleaning closet next to restrooms).
  • Assemble resource table (plywood over pool table and cover it with black sheet).



  • The purple outdoor "Progression Church" sign should be displayed over BCM sign.
  • The white "service times" sign should be hung beneath the purple "Progression Church" sign.
  • Parking sign should placed at the entrance of the parking lot across the street from the church.
  • Vertical banners displayed throughout the building:
    • The two "Progression Church" banners should be displayed on each side of the stage.
    • Directional banner 1 (With "restrooms" at the top) should be placed beside the restroom hall.
    • Directional banner 2 (with "Progression Kids" at the top) should be placed at the breezeway entrance.



  • Restrooms floors should be cleaned.
  • Supplies stocked.



  • ***All breakfast bar items should be ready by 10:00 am***
  • Countertops should be decluttered and wiped down.
  • Coffee should be brewed and ready.
  • Water dispenser filled and ready.
  • Cups, sugar, creamer, and napkins should be ready.
  • Breakfast items should be out and ready.



  • Worship room should decluttered and cleaned.
  • Black-out sheets should be up.
  • All the chair materials should be placed in each chair (notecards, guest cards, pens)