• At Progression Church, one of our core values is to "Pursue Excellence." That means we want to do everything with excellence for the glory of God, including photography!
  • ***Photographers should arrive to the church by 10:00am, ready to capture the arrival of the crowd.
  • Your goal is to capture the Progression Church experience.

shots to get:

  • Wide, medium & close framed shots of worship.
  • Wide, medium & close framed shots of preaching.
  • Progression Kids (volunteer's faces only)
  • Families with kids (with permission only)
  • People in bright light talking and laughing.

photography tips:

  • Know the schedule for the day so you can anticipate and plan your shots and timing.
  • Shoot close band pictures during rehearsal.
  • Avoid shooting down the aisles as it makes the room seem more empty.
  • Shoot diagonally across to make it look more full.
  • Keep the camera on silent mode to avoid distracting shutter sounds.
  • Slow down and think about the composition, lighting and moment you’re capturing.