We love kids!  We are honored that you would entrust to us what is most precious to you.  We invite you to send your children, 4th grade and under, to Progression Kids before going into the worship service.  The time we have with them is not taken lightly.  We are very intentional.  The 4 pillars that we are building this ministry on are learning, safety, love, and fun.


One of our goals is to promote the family.  That is why your child will be taught a very similar lesson that the adults are hearing.  We are trying to promote conversations about the Lord between children and their parents.  So please ask what your kiddos learned that day.


We require that all parents come through our check-in station before dropping their kids off.  We feel that it is imperative to strictly enforce our safety rules and hope that our parents will appreciate this despite any minor inconveniences.


This one is simple.  Your children are precious to us and will be loved the entire time they are here.  Even in the nursery, where they are not having structured lessons, know that your little ones will be constantly prayed for and loved on by our staff.  


No one ever said that learning about Jesus should be boring.  In fact, we think the opposite is true.  When your kids think about going to church, reading the Bible, or following Christ, we hope and pray that excitement and joy are in their little hearts.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions about Progression Kids please contact Joe Ashley:  joea@progressionbr.com

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