“I love @progressionbr for the people it has introduced into my life that have helped me grow in faith and wisdom. Progression has given me so many opportunities to experience genuine love and service in my community here in Baton Rouge!” - Sheridan W.

"When I moved to Baton Rouge I didn't know anyone. Then all of the sudden I'm playing kickball, eating pizza, and serving people in my community with my best friends. That's why I come back. These people are dedicated to showing God's love to others. It's not just a church to worship our Father in, it's a family to worship with." - Simon N.



"I believe God has grown my faith in so many ways since I joined Progression. I'm now willing to share my faith with others each time the opportunity arises. I'm able to spend enough time with God and can feel the closeness of God in my life." - Samuel K.

"Following Jesus has given me hope in places that I haven't had before. In him I have learned how to live a healthy and joyful life." - Chandler S.