Day 3: "Star Wars, Christmas, and Jesus."

Read: Matthew 2:1-23

I want to begin this devotion by saying something very controversial; I love the new Star Wars movies. I know some of you agree, some don’t care, and some are tempted to burn this devotion now (if you are angry, please email me at I believe most people’s reactions to the films have a lot do with their preconceived notions of the series. If you watched the originals in the theatre, you probably didn’t love the new movies. If you caught the originals later in life, you might like the new ones. If you don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, you don’t care. Our perceptions of events are usually informed by our preconceived notions and for more serious things.. our hearts.

We see a spectrum of opinion and response to Jesus’ birth in our text today. The first response we see is JEALOUSY by King Herod. He was troubled by the news of the Messiah’s birth (v.3), furious (v.16) and killed all the male children under 2 years old trying to snuff out the threat. I think it’s safe to assume that Herod (known as the King of the Jews at the time) didn’t take the best news the world has ever heard well. The problem was his JEALOUS heart.

We also see that the scribes seem to be INDIFFERENT to the news brought to them by the Wise Men. They answered the Wise Men’s question accurately by quoting Micah 5:2. They got the head knowledge portion correct but we have NO record of any one of them going down to Bethlehem to check it out! It seems that they were given a tip that “Immanuel” & the “Christ” might have been born about 7 miles down the road and we don’t have any record of someone from the “home office” going and checking it out! This is probably because these people were religious; but didn’t really have a heart for God.

Lastly, we see the response of the Wise Men. They traveled a long distance; in fact some scholars think they came from Persia which is about 1000 miles away. That would be like walking or riding a camel from Baton Rouge to Washington DC. That’s commitment! They also brought presents suitable for a King. But most importantly when they arrived at the house they “fell down and worshipped Him.” (v.11) Their response was WORSHIP & WONDER.

As followers of Christ, we still probably respond all of these ways to Jesus and the gospel sometimes. Anytime we walk in pride and don’t want to give God all the credit for blessings in our life, we act like Herod. Anytime we know God wants us to do something or stop doing something and we continue to live however we want, we act like the religious leaders.

But life is best lived and our joy is complete when we live like the Wise Men and worship Him with wonder! The reason why our best life lived is a life of worship and wonder towards Jesus is because of this simple fact:

You and I were created to WORSHIP JESUS WITH WONDER. That is our life’s purpose. And when we walk in that, life makes more sense & we feel more fulfilled.


Chasing Jesus Questions:

  1. What is your favorite way to worship Jesus? (singing, reading His Words, praying, serving Him, etc)
  2. What are 7 things about Jesus that are WONDERFUL? Write them down somewhere.
  3. Social Media Quote: You and I were created to “worship Jesus with wonder.” That is our life’s purpose. And when we walk in that, life makes more sense & we feel more fulfilled. #chasingJesus