The 2 People YOU Should Invite to Easter 2016

I want to offer up a simple challenge to you.. to invite these TWO people to come to our Easter Celebration service with you. 

Person #1: Someone who you think would come if you invited them.

They are probably in your phone, maybe a close-ish friend or co-worker. Send them a text or something and invite them to come with you. They probably will if they don't have plans as Easter is the easiest day to get people who weren't in church last week in a church. 

Person # 2: Someone you think wouldn't come. 

This person may be a neighbor, family member, co-worker, etc. I simply want to encourage you with this word my college pastor taught me at ULM: Don't say no for them.

You never know what God is doing in their heart . 80% of people who attend a church as first time guests come because they were personally invited. 

Lastly, pray for them both and ask God to bring them and speak to them wherever they are in their faith journey. I promise we will do a good job welcoming them, playing songs that point people to Jesus in a powerful way, and the gospel will be presented clearly and accurately. Each service will end on a high note with baptism at the 10:30 & dinner for everyone at the 5:30. 

Just invite & pray.. and see what God does with your obedience. 

He can bring your TWO.

He has done crazier things in the past.. like raising Jesus from the grave! 

- Brian