Community Group Record!

Gotta start this week's blog with a little praise report. We have tied our community group record several times (55) this Fall but this week we finally broke it. We had 68 in our 7 groups this week! That's fantastic. Also, the last three Sunday mornings have been our highest attended Sundays since we started the church. God is blessing and we need to continue to do what we can to fan the flame.

So how can we fan the flame?

a) Let's keep praying audaciously and with persistence.

Pray for God to do things that we can't. That He would continue to bring numerical and spiritual growth and more people would come to faith in Christ. Pray with faith, boldness, and persistence as these are three ways we are told to pray in the scriptures.

b) Invite friends like crazy.

This week one of my best friends Vince Smith is coming in to preach. You won't see us bring in many outside speakers because of the staff that God has given us but Vince is an exception. He has a great heart for the Lord and is a great and unique communicator. Pray for Vince and Casie (his wife) who will be traveling and coming to pour into our church this weekend. Also, invite like crazy. Send some texts or make a phone call and see if someone who needs a church fam in the city might come with you!

c) Look for new people at worship

Be on the lookout for visitors or second timers at worship and make a point to speak to them and maybe even sit with them/have them sit with you. A lot of times people visit churches and don't return because they simply didn't connect with someone; not because they didn't like the music or the preaching. Our connection team is doing a great job of this but they need our help if we want to knock it out of the park here.

So this weekend, if you don't have a guest coming invest in someone who is a guest and make them feel wanted and welcomed. I know that this is harder for some and is a selfless act but it is also a very Jesus thing to do.

May our mission be: No Visitors Left Behind.

Stole that from President Bush I believe.

Regardless, just know you are prayed for often and I can't wait to see what God may do with us the remainder of 2014.