Serving Opp: Serve the Campus

We've talked about the three "ponds" that I feel our church is specifically wired to reach in our city and context. This week we have an opportunity to invite a lot of people from one of the ponds; the College Students at LSU. 

Our church has the privilege of serving the campus this Thursday night at the BCM's weekly worship service TNT. We get to serve dinner to them from 6-7 and I get to preach at the worship service from 7-8. We also get to set up a table with info pieces & cups and answer any questions about the church students may have. Other churches in the area will be doing that as well Thursday in hopes that most of the students who show up will find a church home in the city. This is a good strategy and I'm glad we and other gospel centered churches will be there because approximately 85 % of the campus won't be at church this Sunday or any Sunday throughout the semester. 


If you can come:

We need people to show up at the BCM around 5:30 to help serve food from 6-6:45 and a few people to man our church booth in the cafe area to greet students, hand out cups and fliers, and answer any questions students may have. Feel fee to come and go as you need to. 5:30-6:30 will be the busiest time serving food and getting ready for that. 6:30-7:00 is probably the best time to interact with students. No pressure to stay for the worship service if you need to get home. I'd love for us to represent well!

If you can't come: 

We need desserts. We will probably order chicken strips, rolls, and chips but I'd love for us to make some desserts. If you can make a dessert, bring it to community group for TNT and maybe we get whoever is going from the group to bring it Thursday.

Also, pray for us that God uses to us to reach many more students who don't know Christ or have a church family yet. 

So if you can come and serve Thursday, great! Let me know so I can know how many to expect. You can just say you are coming in the FB group. 

If you can make a dessert and bring it to group, great! Let me know that as well so we can plan accordingly. 

If you can't come or make a dessert but can pray for us, let us know that as well! 

Thanks a ton! 

Proud to serve with you,