A Praise Report

This week was a great week for our church. We had the second highest attendance we've ever had (74) and tied our community group record (50) and I really believe this is just the beginning of a great growth season for our young church. We had 21 first time guests; many of which loved it and are excited they have found a faith family in BR. We will see a lot of these guests back in two weeks as a lot of them are heading home for Labor Day weekend. Also, we are starting a new community group (Progression university # 2) in the next week or two because of all the students God has brought our way over the last few weeks. This will make our 7th group that we will have going in the Fall and are praying that we finish with 8-10 groups before 2014 is all said and done.

The starting of our 7th group before we finished August is exciting to me because we started our very first two community groups in Baton Rouge a year ago. We started two community groups last August before we launched the church and prayed like crazy that one day we would have more. In one year God took those two groups and has given us seven. Good New Testament Math (Multiplication) right there! Imagine how many groups we may have by the end of next August?! And we are convinced that God will grow us faster for His glory and not ours.. so we could have groups set up all over the city. I would love for there to be a group within five minutes of every person in Baton Rouge one day because BIBLICAL COMMUNITY matters. It is essential for spiritual growth and Hannah and I love being a part of community groups here.

So let's continue to pray like crazy and work like crazy this Fall and see what God may do with us.

It's a win for us when we see people from our church move from rows (worship) to circles (groups) because the New Testament teaches us that the context for sustainable spiritual growth is Biblical community. 

Doing life together.

Confessing sin to each other.

Studying the Word together.

Linking arms to reach a hurting city together.


Blessed to be with you on this adventure,