If i could describe our Fall Strategy in two words..

**Our leadership team will sometimes use this blog as a way to communicate vision and information to people who consider Progression their church. This is the first installment. 


If I could describe our Fall strategy as a church in two words it would be these:


All our chips are in the middle, betting that if we pray like crazy and work like crazy our GREAT God would use us to reach this city for His glory and our good. 

We planted the church in January and have seen good, incremental growth since. We have seen people come to faith in Christ, be baptized, join the church, community groups multiply, etc.

And we are thankful. 

But we aren't satisfied. 

There are 230,000 people in Baton Rouge and many of them don't know Christ and don't have a church home. And this Fall we are ALL IN to reach as many of these unchurched Baton Rouge people as we can. We are out of survival mode; just learning how to do church and putting policy and plans together.

We are in desperation mode! We are desperate to reach MORE people because this is the command that our King and Savior Jesus gave us.

So how can you help?

1) Try to invite someone to church every week until Christmas.

That may be a lofty goal but let's go for it! Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, etc. Whoever we have in our life that doesn't have a church family or know Christ. The worst thing that might happen is they may say no or think you are kind of weird. Honestly, they may already think you are weird. Lol.

The best thing that can happen is they could come to know Christ and spend forever in heaven or join in our mission and find purpose and reach their potential in Christ as a believer!

2) Pray like crazy! 

Let's ask God to do things that we can't accomplish ourselves. Ephesians 3:20 teaches us that He is in fact in this business. 

So, let's pray CRAZY, Sun Stand Still prayers such as: 

      a) That God would grow us to 200 people by the end of 2014. 

      b) That God would use us to lead at least 10 more people to Christ by the end of the 2014. 

      c) That God would raise up many more leaders to help us reach and serve the city.

Would you pray for these things everyday with me the rest of 2014?   

If you could do these two things: Invite someone every week & pray these Sun Stand still prayers for the rest of the year then you are absolutely ALL IN as well!

And I can't wait to see what God may do through you this year! 

So church, let's get after it! 

All in.

For His Kingdom come.

Fall 2014. 

Your friend, 



P.S. most posts will be significantly shorter than this one. haha