Tomorrow is going to be really cool!

I wanted to drop a simple line today about something to pray for: 


Prayer Request: 

That we would reach more families with children. 

We love kids and are ready to pour into more and more of them as the Lord draws families that have them. 

Tomorrow we get to serve our neighborhood by throwing an awesome block party for our HOA. Our neighborhood has 1048 homes. We know out of all of those homes there has to be some families that need to know Jesus and/or need a church family. 

Pray with me that God draws them and we get to love on them tomorrow. 

Pray that God draws some from our neighborhood who need a church family to our church soon. 

Pray that we get to reach more families with kids in our city.. 

If you want to serve with us tomorrow, let Joe Handy or Joe Ashley know (look them up on FB) 

and we will give you the info about the party that we are throwing. 

You guys are the bestest,