Silver Medal Week @ Progression Church

This week was another good week in our church. Here are some highlights:

+ We had our second highest attended service ever this week (83).

+ We also had our second highest attended week of community groups with one group not meeting (56).

+ We have had someone mark on their card they wanted to join the church the last 4 weeks. + + Our guest preacher Vince did a great job talking to us about being blessed IN HIM.

 + We had 35 undergrad students in the service Sunday morning. That's great news because we really prayed and hoped we would reach more and more students this summer. 

+ We have plans to start our 8th community group on Sunday morning before worship (9:30 a.m.) on October 12th. Dan Herring is going to lead that one. So if you aren't in a community group because your mid-week is crazy, check this one out! 

God is blessing us. 

But I don't want us to be turned off or to enamored with numbers for the the sake of numbers. 

I want us to realize that every number has a name. 

Every number has a story. 

Every number has a soul. 

We celebrate highly attended Sunday mornings & more people choosing to live in Biblical community because more people are putting themselves in the proper context for spiritual growth. Our mission is "to see people put their faith in Christ (lost saved) and become more like Christ (believers to grow). The more people in our city who are progressing in their faith, the better! When people willingly expose themselves to gospel centered churches & ministries crazy things happen: 

Lost people are saved. 

Prodigals come home. 

Sin habits are broken. 

Believers grow in Christ and realize their mission & potential in Christ. 

Families prioritize Christ in their homes & the effects are generation changing. 

Good things happen; and they happen because of HIM!

So keep praying, inviting, and sharing the good news.. living as ambassadors wherever you are. God is using our little church to make a ripple in our city for His glory.

Notes for this weekend:

a) LSU students have Fall break this week/weekend so don't be surprised if 30 or so people who were here last week aren't this week. Pray they have a great break and enjoy some rich time with their families wherever home is for them. 

b) We will be tackling two hot button issues in one sermon Sunday; God's election & can believers lose their salvation. What should you do with this information? Pray for me! (seriously) 

c) If you currently aren't serving but want to.. let a staff member know and we will find you something to do! 

d) As always, invite and pray. Invite people to be a part & pray God does something amazing in us this weekend! 

Your friend,