Praise God.

Good news!

We had our biggest crowd ever last Sunday morning. 95 people. Several first timers. Great time worshiping. The first time we break the 100 barrier we are going to throw a party of some sort that evening. Maybe go out and eat together or something. It's going to be sweet! It may be this weekend; so invite like crazy and keep your Sunday night open if we are adding chairs again during the songs!

My Simple challenge for us this week is this:

I want to encourage you to take a few moments this evening and thank the Lord. We have talked about the fact that God grows the church. We water and plant but He brings the growth. All glory to Him!

Also, I've learned that people that are used mightily by God and mighty thankful people.

Thank Him for saving your soul through His Son's sacrifice.

Thank Him for giving us the church; people united in faith serving together and trying to love one other like Jesus loves us.

Thank Him for growing our young church this semester in depth & width.. and ask Him to continue to use us for His glory!

This week's text is Ephesians 4:1-6 and we will learn that I AM in the Family.. and how to be a better family member to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

So glad God brought us to Baton Rouge to serve with you guys!

- Brian