3 Reasons Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME

Tomorrow is going to be a great day for a lot of reasons. 

1) We GET to worship Jesus. 

I'm hoping our study of Ephesians is helping us to know more and more how good our God and Savior is! We get an opportunity to worship together with the church fam! Sundays are my favorite. 

2) We GET to go serve the city. 

Tomorrow is our 2nd opportunity to feed the homeless citizens of Baton Rouge under the bridge. Ryan and Aryel Andress are leading this ministry and are great leaders for this endeavor. We are leaving the church (BCM) at 3:30 tomorrow so make sure to be there on time if you want to come. Also, if you've never done this or haven't been in a while.. come join us. It's a blessing to everyone involved. 

3) Tomorrow is a great day to bring a guest.

Every week is a good week to bring a guest but this week is probably a great one. Our message will be on how to live a powerful life and we are going to have the Saints game on the screens after church and pizza for everyone for lunch. If you want to bring something, bring some chips or a dessert of some kind.

People far from God will sometimes sit through a service that they are unsure of to get to lunch and the Saints game. There is a reason the Varsity shows the game on Sunday mornings; people are looking for a place to watch the game and people (community) to hang out with during the game. Let's take advantage of our culture and invite people like crazy and pray God wrecks their life once they come.

How crazy would it be if someone came tomorrow to watch the Saints beat the Lions and they left being called a Saint by the Father?!